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Bridge Pool & Spa Service Company

Pool Cleaning, Pool Maintenance & Pool Service
Serving Southern Orange County for more than 30 Years
CALL US! (949) 478-1305

What is a Green Pool Caused By?

Green pools are a common problem, and if left untreated, they can pose health risks to those around the pool. Below are some common causes for a pool turning green.

Chlorine Deficiency

If your pool is chlorine deficient, a green pool can be the result. A lack of chlorine combined with poor circulation and a warm day will rapidly produce green algae. To correct this the chlorine level in the water must be checked and appropriately adjusted. Green algae takes less than a week to develop, so if the chlorine content is altered considerably in a short period of time, a green pool may not be far off.


Acidity or Alkalinity

If your pool contains an excessively high or low pH level this can nullify the effectiveness of the chlorine, thus resulting in green algae and a green pool. This can lead to a critical error when treating a green pool, as regardless of how much chlorine is added to the pool, if the pH is off, it will not kill the algae. If your pool is green and has been excessively treated with chlorine, call us right away, we would be more than happy to help you in recovering your pool.


Excessively Dirty Filter / Poor Circulation

A clean filter is the heart and soul of a clear pool, without it there is nothing to remove fine dirt and debris from your pool water, all of which contribute to the formation of green algae and a green pool. Equally important is water circulation. If the water pumps in your pool are not running, then the chlorine in your pool will not circulate appropriately, which in turn will allow green algae to grow and a green pool will be the result.


Improper Chemical Mix

There are times when a pool owner may add chemicals to his / her pool in the wrong amounts or altogether use the wrong chemicals. If these chemicals are not compatible, a green color can sometimes be the result. Before concentrating your pool water with any chemical agent, please contact us, we can help!

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We offer pool & spa maintenance, cleaning & repair services in the following Orange County cities:

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