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Salt Water Pool Service in OC

Salt Water Pool Services in Orange County

Salt water swimming pool systems are common in the Orange County area. They use a system that includes a saltwater chlorinator. This system naturally produces chlorine and greatly reduces the need for added chemicals.

Although initially more expensive, a salt water pool can make up the difference in cost (over a standard pool) in just a few years. Salt water systems are by no means maintenance free and do require inspection several times throughout the year, not just in the summer months. Most salt cells do not produce chlorine when the water temperature is too cold. Some brands of salt cells will automatically shut off when the water temperature is too low. Additionally, some salt cell systems need to be manually shut off during the winter months to extend the life of the cell.

Your pool’s water chemistry is vital to the health and safety of you and your swimmers and must be maintained year round, regardless of the type of pool you own. For a complete diagnostic check of your salt water pool’s equipment, filter, and water chemistry, call Bridge Pool & Spa today!

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